Aerial Show Girls Put on a Vegas Style Show at the Barcelona Gallery for Hola Barcelona


The Aerial Showgirls bring new meaning to the world of entertainment. Their avant-garde performance style has been gracing numerous clubs, private parties, and corporate events throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.


With two performances the Aerial Show girls wowed the attendees of Hola Barcelona. The Gigantic warehouse at Barcelona Gallery in Van Nuys was converted to a stage for this amazing aerial and burlesque style show put on by the amazing Aerial Show Girls. Nothing short of spectacular the Aerial Show Girls performance met if not exceeded any Cirque du Soleil performance. “Events such as Hola Barcelona at the wonderful Museum / Art Gallery of Barcelona are sure to put Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley on the Fine Art and Performance Map,” said Alan ceo Barcelona. “The Aerial Show Girls transported us to a Las Vegas style


Surrounded by the wonderful light show and invigorating music, the aerial acrobatics had the crowd in amazement and constant WOW! These highly skilled aerial acrobat mesmerized the attendees by their out of this world maneuvers. The performers used the Aerial Tissue to perform the heart stopping drop, dropping the performers down a beautiful silk fabric 30 feet in the air.

The provocative aerial hammock and swing captivated the audience. To top it all off the trapeze and flying hoop soaring these Angels over the crowds head. The Aerial Show girls performed aerial Ballet while spinning and flying on a large suspended ring.

Tissue & Rope: Tissue, also known as silk, is a circus apparatus from which the performer does death-defying drops, contortions and maneuvers while wrapped in two pieces of fabric suspended high in the air. Rope is similar but uses a single rope.

Aerial Hammock:
Hammock is also fabric that forms a cocoon around the performers’ body creating beautiful shapes inside and fantastic tricks outside of the apparatus.

Aerial Hoop:
Hoop, also known as cerceaux or lyra, is another wonderful circus apparatus in which the performer makes beautiful maneuvers and shapes on a large metal hoop suspended in the air. Hoop is unique because it also allows the performer to take flight by swinging, spinning, and orbiting during an act, adding a great dynamic to the performance.

Swing is exactly what it sounds like... A swing suspended in the air creating a great atmosphere. The artist can perform interesting tricks similar to static trapeze while swinging through the air.

Static Trapeze:
The trapeze is a metal bar suspended in the air by two ropes. Many of the moves are similar to the hoop, but are generally done without swinging or spinning. The ropes allow the artist to perform unique and creative tricks.

Standing 7'8" tall, stilts can add a unique element to any performance. Artist can also perform some dance moves on stilts such as kicks and

About Aerial Show Girls:

The Aerial Showgirls bring new meaning to the world of entertainment. Their avant-garde performance style has been gracing numerous clubs, private parties, and corporate events throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. The Showgirls are made up of six talented and professionally trained aerialists with diverse backgrounds, ranging from classical ballet to erotic dance training. They present an enticing show full of amazing aerial stunts performed on circus apparatus. The twirling, dancing, and flirting on aerial silk, hammock, hoop, static trapeze, Spanish web, and swing makes any event a memorable one. 

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