Barcelona Enterprises new Agency of record for Beverly Hills based 9021Pho restaurant chain.

Chef Kimmy Tang’s phenomenal Vietnamese noodle restaurant will be represented by Barcelona Enterprises.


Beverly Hills, CA (February 15, 2012) – Barcelona Enterprises announces it is now the agency of record for Chef Kimmy Tang’s phenomenal Vietnamese noodle restaurant,   9021Pho Beverly Hills and its sister shop, 9021Pho Westlake Village.

Celebrity Chef Kimmy Tang has taken traditional Vietnamese cooking to a new dimension by fusing her love of preparing her native country’s finest cuisine with her unquenchable spirit of adventure and her knowledge of many different styles of cooking. It is this spirit of non-conformity and wealth of experience that has set the bar high for her competitors to try to reach. Chef Tang’s career has spanned virtually her entire life, and one can trace its roots to her native village where she opened her own thriving restaurant after school at the tender age of nine.

Chef Tang has traveled the world seeking out inspiration from countries such as Greece, Hungary, Spain, Romania, France, Italy, and Vietnam. Her work as the culinary consultant to one of the major film production studios in Romania found her not only running the show in their kitchen, but eventually in front of the camera, where she hosted her own nationally syndicated cooking series. In the restaurant world, attention to detail and dynamic innovations in fusion cooking are the things that make a star truly stand out, and Chef Tang is indeed a shining example of these fair attributes.  

Chef Tang’s influence on her community and California’s culture doesn’t begin and end with the best Pho you’ve ever tasted. She proudly supports and brings recognition through her restaurant’s celebrity status to a number of charitable organizations, such as the Blue Heron Foundation, Casa Pacifica, Children’s Hospital, and the Special Olympics. Chef Tang’s commitment to taking part in making a measurable difference in the world is just one of the aspects of what makes 9021Pho an ideal client for Barcelona Enterprises to represent.

Barcelona Enterprises CEO and Founder, Alan Semsar has conclusively proven that some age old problems can in fact be solved with a new approach. Mr. Semsar’s ingenuity, hard work, and fresh perspective shine through in every endeavor that he undertakes. Barcelona Enterprises has changed the definition of what it means to be a PR & marketing company in this cultural climate. Mr. Semsar has taken what has historically been a finance oriented enterprise, and turned it into a humanitarian mission to not only spread awareness of today’s most pressing issues, but to offer real world financial support to the organizations in the community that can make changes that matter. It is this common dedication to both fine cuisine and the community at large that has brought these two diverse giants together in a culinary and media fusion that is a wonderful melding of ideals.

The teaming of these two visionary forces is a guaranteed win for them both, seeing as they share similar interests in activism and have the same proactive approach to supporting charitable causes through their humanitarian endeavors. In the economic climate we are living in today, it is important to acknowledge that some are less fortunate than others. Mr. Semsar and Chef Tang both embrace the reality that the world is full of diverse issues and only open hearts and creative minds can solve them. It is this common disposition that makes the success of this partnership an undeniable reality, and together they are poised to make a genuine difference in the communities they serve, and across the globe, all while serving delicious and inspired Vietnamese dishes at 9021Pho Beverly Hills, and 90210Pho Westlake.


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