Being Goddess the Twelve Step Program To Bring Out The Goddess In Each And Every Woman

The 12 step program to "Being A Goddess,” by Karen Anderson is a workshop based on Acceptance, Beauty Sleep, Nourishment, Nirvana/ Bliss, Ritual, Adornment, Sanctuary, Paradise, Gifts, Imagine, The Goddess in Others, Be a Goddess.

How do women develop a sense of self-esteem?

During childhood, children 2-3 years of age learn to label themselves correctly as either boys or girls. At first young children don't understand that their gender will be the same throughout their lives.

Learning this comes with age, but is usually evident to children between the ages of 4 and 7. By age 3, sex stereotypes are visible to young children in the form of toys, clothing, household objects, games and work.

After age 7, children's awareness of these stereotypes continues to increase — but boys show more of a preference for traditionally masculine activities than girls do for traditionally feminine activities. (Huston, 1983).

This much awaited Beign a Goddess workshop will take place June 3rd @10am-1pm
Room 3
5700 Buckingham Parkway
Culver City, CA 90230

Karen is doing a workshop based on these steps. She will speak about each with the intention of bringing forth the Goddess in each woman.

1. Acceptance
Declaration; write down 10 things you love about your body love & accept yourself the way you are - stand for your greatness. Imagine you are a work of art.
Take care of yourself, make the choice, it'll empower you; when you take care of yourself, it'll lead to a life of beauty, love and full self-expression and make a difference for others.

2. Beauty sleep
Stop committing to every event errand and/or distraction fresh sheets on your bed spray fragrant, essential oil on sheets put fresh flowers on your bedside table take bath or shower Beauty sleep is a ritual and can be savored as one of the finest indulgences in life.

3. Nourishment
Design a lifestyle of diet that you can follow and works for you plan to shop like it's an event shop for fresh foods - farmer's market eat foods that are fresh, alive, full of oxygen create drinking water luxurious - keep a crystal glass nearby w/ water, slices of lemon, oranges, cucumbers set out vitamins daily

4. Nirvana/ bliss
Why do people use the term; work out?
-Create a design - beauty ritual
-Pick something you like to do - be gentle with yourself – give yourself time to transform the shape of your beautiful body (3-6 months).
-Focus on my time
-Focus on your mind
-Focus on breath and pores

5. Rituals
Morning & evenings
Use essential oils
Spas, facials, massage
Manicures and pedicures

6. Adornment
Wear 100% comfortable clothes; cashmere, cotton magazines & media - use them to enhance & accent your beauty.

7. Sanctuary=home
Fresh flowers, fragrances

8 Paradise
Less commitments, be organized, get rid of clothes that are outdated, donate to recycling, consignment stores

9. Gifts
Be a clearing that gifts to occur in your life, be worthy, receiving, and give to yourself

10. Imagine the life you want to live, the body - create

11. The goddess in others
See the goddess in others, the more you'll become and feel as a goddess yourself

12. Be a goddess:
-Allow your passion
-Purpose in life? Dreams?
-Contribute to society
-Quality of life/ home & travel (even short distances)
-Live a life full of love, family, friends, wealth, and abundance honor your life declaration

Enrolment in one of Landmark educations courses led Karen to conjure up this workshop. As a part of her Self Expression and Leadership Program, Karen’s workshops will be an ongoing program to be held at all major Spa’s and Clinics. These workshops will bring out the Diva and Goddess in Every woman,” said Alan Semsar CEO, Barcelona “attending these seminars will improve not only self esteem but rather develop your persona in the community in which you live, bring out the Goddess within you that you never though you had and help blossom you to a true woman”

About SELP & Landmark Education
The Self-Expression and Leadership Program
Express yourself fully, make a difference, be a leader.
Each of us has experienced a sense of possibility - moments where we imagine things as they could be, and yet we hold back. Concerned with circumstance, what others might think, or lack of interest; we don't act on our vision. The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program provides the know-how to establish an environment that invites and allows for your self-expression.

Each participant in this program designs a project that takes him or her into a community of people. There, they discover firsthand what it means to be fully self expressed and provide leadership. Through this course, you will express your thinking and ideas effectively in a way that calls forth the alignment, cooperation, and partnership of others. Visit our Graduates LIVE! and Grads Making a Difference sections to see what graduates of this course have accomplished.

Program Logistics
Come to know self-expression and leadership as an occasion of creativity and vitality that enriches every aspect of your day-to-day life. Your classroom work will come alive when you take on a project of your choosing in your community and apply the abstractions.
The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program takes place through dialogue and exercises during a three-month period. Participants meet monthly on a Saturday or Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.; in addition, during weeks when no Saturday or Sunday meeting occurs, a three-hour evening session is scheduled. (There are a total of 12 evening sessions.) Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course.

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