Beverly Hills Dining in Westlake Village

March 26, 2012 by Hank Truxillo

When you walk into 9021Pho in Westlake Village, the first thought is – this isn’t the same Vietnamese soup and noodle style place that fills in the strip malls and cheap eateries of the blander sections of the San Fernando Valley.  This is a real restaurant, with complete service, stylish ambiance, and full menu with no pictures of faded dishes on it.  This is the kind of restaurant that you would find in… Beverly Hills!

 And you would be right.

This is the second of chef Kimmy Tang’s classic and classy Pho-style restaurants, the first located in that famed zip code of 9021… Oh, that’s where they got the name.  Clever girl.

Unlike Beverly Hills, this place has plenty of free parking.  But the rest is pure posh.  The best sake flows.  The tastiest rolls come plentiful.  The potstickers and the dumplings are hot and yummy.

For an entrée, you haven’t had anything until you’ve had the crispy sole.  Fresh and crunchy, it’s a delight for the light fare.  Or the tangy chicken tamarind, with its sauce that jumps.  Or the pho.  Just try the pho.  The pho bo is the best in the city.

Whatever the meal, the feel is just right.  Sit back, relax, and soak it up.  You’re not in Beverly Hills anymore.  You just think you are.

Vietnamese Cuisine becoming the talk of the town, from corporate charity events to private dinners for A list Celebrities