Celebrated Chocolate & Pastry Festival, Indulge LA Offers Stunning Array of Decadent Desserts & Confections 

Celebrity Chefs from all over Bring Decadence To New Heights At Famed Food Fest

There is no doubt about it... the world's favorite flavor is chocolate. For centuries, chocolate has been a featured staple at the tables of the reigning class. Once thought to be a celebrated treat reserved for the elite, chocolate has come to inspire gifted artisans and chefs, who will be on hand at this decadent gathering to showcase their talents in creating deliciously inspiring desserts and confections. Chocolate is more than just a flavor, it is the foundation for these sumptuously prepared creations, each hand crafted by professional chocolatiers. This year's event will be headlined by celebrity Chef and world renowned chocolatier, Francois Payard.

LA Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show offers every conceivable way to experience the richness of this delectable confection, and so much more. From delicate cream filled pastries to singularly sensational mousses and hand-rolled truffles, no other event offers the parade of palate-pleasing morsels that will be found at Indulge LA.  As the crowning jewel of the food industry, chocolate is known for inspiring competitions, events such as the LA Chocolate Festival, and creative masterpieces that parallel the art world.  And of course, it’s delicious!  

Once again, Indulge LA is serving up a sinfully sensational selection of the smooth creaminess of traditionally crafted European milk chocolates, the delicate elegance of finely created white chocolates, and the tantalizing seduction of the deepest dark chocolate...   

LA Chocolate Festival & Pastry Show offers guests an unforgettable experience that envelopes the senses from the moment that they enter the venue, until the very last minute of the evening. 

To purchase your tickets to this delightfully delicious event go to: www.indulgela.net

Where: Omni Hotel Los Angeles 251 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

When: January 8, 2017           3pm - 6pm 

Tickets:  $45-$95 Available at www.indulgela.net

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