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evian® and Badoit®

Las Vegas NV, April 20, 2015;   evian® and Badoit® Confirmed As Sponsors Of World Renowned Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival.

Las Vegas' most decadent celebration of gourmet fare welcomes two major brands to the party. evian® and Badoit®, names that are both synonymous with refreshing water have been confirmed as sponsors of the much anticipated culinary event.

In recent years, the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival has established itself as the number one food festival in all of Sin City, and this year promises to be no exception. From an eclectic array of boutique wines and spirits, to the seemingly endless parade of deliciously crafted edible creations, the Las Vegas Food & Wine Festival offers patrons the ultimate flavor-filled experience.

Festival goers will have the opportunity to meet some of Las Vegas' most celebrated chefs as they showcase their specialties and creative culinary genius. Both evian® and Badoit® will be on hand to offer patrons a refreshing way to cleanse their palates between each tasting.

Known for being the source of the world's finest champagnes and wines, the rolling hills of France are blessed with springs which produce the most exceptional waters. evian® has long been the leading choice in bottled water world-wide, and is widely recognized for its crystal clear purity.

Badoit®, playfully referred as French for fine bubbles, is a delightfully effervescent carbonated water that dazzles the taste buds and uplifts the spirit.

Both evian® and Badoit® are the waters of choice of Michelin and will be the official waters of the Las Vegas Wine & Food Festival, and will be available to patrons at each of the following events:


Sept 11 – Celebrity Chef Dinner at Joel Robuchon (L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon)

Sept 12 – Red Rock Pool  -  Grand Tasting

Sept 12 – After Party – Hearthstone

Sept 13 – Champagne Brunch - Cantina Laredo

About evian® and Badoit®: Products of Danone Waters of America, evian® natural mineral water and Badoit® sparkling natural mineral water are the official Michelin™ preferred waters of choice and enjoyed in over 140 countries. Born in 1789, evian® starts as snow and ice on top of the pristine peaks of the Northern French Alps, then takes a 15 year journey through layers of glacial sands giving it the purity, mineral content, and taste that nature intended producing a 100% natural and 0% processed mineral water with 2X more electrolytes than other leading still premium waters. Born in 1778, Badoit® Sparkling Natural Mineral Water is truly a miracle of nature that has no added gas to what nature has provided giving it the subtle effervescence and taste profile that has been preferred by chefs, sommeliers, and consumers worldwide for decades.



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