FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday November 23, 2009

 Poline Shooshani & Golbon Eghtedari - First time ever on public display

Barcelona Enterprises is proud to present the captivating works of these two Iranian Women at our annual art auction benefit.

Van Nuys, California – An afternoon of Champagne, Wine and the best Cheeses; this Art Auction Benefit will be held Saturday December 12, 2pm-6pm at the beautiful City Art gallery adjacent to Van Nuys airport.  

The benefit will include a silent auction of visual art from Picasso, Chagall, Monet, and local established artists.  Admission is complementary and with invitation only.

 About the Artists:

Poline’s art is founded in the Impressionist tradition of Van Gough with stunningly detailed brush strokes fused to form imagery bursting with rich, vibrant colors.   Her inspiration is found in nature and architecture to express dreamlike sensations of raw human emotion.  A student of the great Persian poet/philosopher Rumi, Poline conceals hidden meanings and messages into every brush stroke. 

Golbon Eghtedari captures the world through the lens of the camera.  Her photos convey the experience of “what it is to be human”.  Sharing the emotions of the world and putting them on display.  

The event is cosponsored by Cabot Vermont Cheese and Barefoot Bubbly & Wine.


For additional information please contact


 Monica Gillen


(714) 271-4081 or (818) 288-4050