Bid to Bring Home LA Fashion Week

In a proposal outlined this week, Los Angeles-based event and media company Barcelona Enterprises aims to see LA Fashion Week hosted in its rightful home in downtown L.A.’s garment district

The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week series is currently produced by sports, entertainment and media giant IMG, which in recent years has held the Los Angeles installment at Smashbox Studios. The venue was never ideal and faced various problems owing to its location. Far from being centrally located, the site still managed to be plagued with issues regarding parking, with guests and staff having to leave their cars over a mile away and catch shuttle buses to the site. Valet service was provided for those intent on making a classier entrance, but problems with accessibility meant lengthy delays, which all but nullified the expected convenience. The net effect on the event was to create a somewhat chaotic and inefficient flow of human traffic that negatively affected all aspects of the organization.

Barcelona’s proposition would see this massive international event transferred from its previous Culver City site to Oasis Locations, Los Angeles’ hottest new fashion venue with its purpose-built runway showroom and ample indoor and outdoor event spaces. Thanks to its marketability, potential and flexibility, this latest addition to the fashion district has recently burst onto the scene and captured the imagination of both the fashion and event industries. The site’s accessibility and prime location make it the ideal candidate for a new and improved LA Fashion Week.

On a more sentimental note, it seems only fitting that Los Angeles’ premium fashion event be located where the city’s heart and soul of fashion resides. Barcelona Enterprises in association with Oasis Locations intend to breathe new life into this event and ensure that it embodies the style and professionalism that a world-class affair such as this should incorporate. An avid connoisseur of fashion himself, Barcelona CEO, Alan Semsar reported being “excited about the future possibilities and potential of this venue. We are 100% dedicated to making this into something great”.

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