Lizarran Tapas Restaurant

Legacy of the Restaurant

To eat a European-style meal is to experience a cultural feast. Barcelona, in particular, is known for its exquisite, unique cuisine and its social spirit; it is a culture in which a meal is always an opportunity for socialization, relaxation and, of course, a few glasses of wine.

The original Lizarran Restaurants in Barcelona were founded two decades ago by food and wine connoisseur Mateo Ferrero. This entrepreneur’s passion for Basque cuisine inspired him to bring his home’s flavors and style to the south, where he opened the first Lizarran Tapas Restaurant outside of Barcelona in Sitges in 1988. As soon as Lizarran opened its doors, the locals in the community opened their hearts to the quaint, cozy, neighborhood restaurant and it quickly became a favorite workday and weekend destination. Offering patrons the opportunity to converse and socialize in a comfortable and inviting environment, as well as enjoy delicious, authentic Barcelonan cuisine, Lizarran’s incredible reputation became known across Spain.

Since the opening of the first restaurant in 1988, the Lizarran Restaurants have consistently found success in other European countries such as France and Germany, offering the vitality and excitement of Barcelona-style dining to Spain’s neighbors.

Fortunately for Southern California, Lizarran has made its way across the Atlantic this spring to bring that same atmosphere and authentic cuisine to the greater Los Angeles area. From the cozy décor to the delectable cuisine, the friendly staff to the innovative pricing system, everything about Lizarran Tapas Restaurant in Fullerton, CA is Barcelona-inspired. Other than the location, little has changed about Lizarran since the first restaurant opened in Spain twenty years ago.

The Fullerton, California Lizarran location promises to mirror the experience of eating an authentic Barcelonan meal in Spain. The doors will open later this month and, without a doubt, the restaurant will become a Los Angeles hot spot overnight. Combining a rich cultural experience with the welcoming atmosphere of a neighborhood bar and grill, Lizarran in Fullerton would make Mr. Ferrero, and its many Barcelonan inspirations, proud.

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