Mentoring Children, improv classes at a place called home launches with the Possibilities or Mark Beltzman.


Improv classes at a place called home are at 29th and central in South Central Los angels. The location is a drop in center for children in that neighborhood, where children gather to play and keep safe from the dangerous streets of South Central LA.  Mark Beltzman has been mentoring a child named Aaron Shaw for past two years.  Aaron is now 13 years old and due to Mr. Beltzman’s Mentoring, care and attention through this organization has achieved many feats.  Mark has now developed and Mentoring program, an improv acting program for the kids at APCH and successfully launched it


The Project is funded by Bang Improv Studio on Fairfax in Los Angeles.  Bang Improv is owned and operated by Peter and Aliza Murietta..  The organization is lead by Ezra Weisz, who handles the overall organization of the project.  Theresa Mulligan is the second leader in the program; Theresa teaches several classes, helps in developing other leaders and teachers for the organization while also helps to fund the program, along with bang and a third party non-for-profit organizations.  One such organization is called Mob Rule Inc. this is headed by Lee Costello who is the executive director at the Second City Training Center in Los Angeles.  Lee handles PR/media relations and is producing the improv show the children will perform on June 29th, 2006. 


Mark has single handedly put this team of amazing leader’s together.  This is my team and all the leaders i have given the project away too. The future of the project is to continue this program and to continue adding classes for the children in south central. a more extensive acting program, film making classes, writing classes, and production classes so that eventually the children can write, direct, produce, cast, and act in their own films and other types of media projects they themselves will create (Sketches, plays, commercials, movies, short films, or TV). The shows the children perform will eventually become fundraisers to continue funding this program in the future. So far this program has been very successful, registering 30 kids open opening and APCH is expects about 8 or 10 kids right away.  That’s more than three times what they expected at the center.


“Mark declares himself as the possibility of possibility, and he is living this possibility to the fullest,” said Alan Semsar CEO Barcelona “Bringing this great possibility to life, Mark has taken great leaps in accomplishing what might have seemed impossible in the past.”  Mark developed his project out of his involvement with Landmark Education and his enrolment in the Landmark SELP course.  After 24 years of a successful career as an actor, writer, director, and producer what Mark has attained form this course is happiness.  A peace within, of which, he has never before experienced.

“I have seen how Marks improved the quality of his relationships especially with respect to his wife, Beverly Lubin.”


Another leader is Tiffany Haddish program director at APCH who assisted Mark in starting this program; she has truly been the energy that has gotten this program off to such a great start.  Tiffany is responsible for staying in communication with all the kids every week and wrangling them before each class and participates along with the kids.  Tiffany has been a great asset to this program and without her leadership this program would not have come into existence. To top it all off Matt Schaffer documentary film maker is filming this entire project every week to create a documentary of the experience for the children at a place called home.



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