PlayerKlothing Inc. (PK) has teamed up with Barcelona to deliver an exotic web experience for the upcoming debut of the website. PK offers custom made Exotic Club Wear.


A unique clothing company PlayerKlothing, revealed its plans’ for their hot upcoming website  The delivery of this concept is the task of BARCELONA Marketing and Design.


This innovative company offers a new line of Exotic Club Wear that unleashes your desires; available this fall at select retailers.  PK’s goal is to set new trends and break all inhibitions that haven been hiding inside each of us

“After looking at the line up of exotic ready to wear couture, I am certain anyone purchasing PK clothing will Unleash Their Desires” explains Alan Araghi, Chief Executive Officer of Barcelona.  “Wait till you see this to die for line of clothing you will feel the heat from the screen when you visit the, the site is so hot we need to add a warning for people with hear conditions to stay away…”

Located in Newport Beach, CA PK will offer up a line of hip hot club ear for men and women.  Matching the finest of fabrics from around the word to the talents of PK’s hot new designer Duo Pooneh Javid & Koorosh Bassirpou, PK delivers their exotic line of clothing to the US Market.  This up and coming designer has made a mark in the international market with her exotic taste and elegant delivery.  The company’s line up also includes imported selected European Couture from London to Sweden.


The PK line consists of men’s and women’s clubwear, sportswear, and outerwear.  For sales information on the PlayerKlothing Line, please contact