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Successful European Restaurant Chain Lizarran Opens with Solid Numbers in their First United States Location

(Fullerton, California . . . September 2, 2008) Prominent European restaurant chain has brought a taste of Spain to Fullerton, CA as Lizarran Tapas Restaurant opened their first United States location in the second quarter of 2008. Lizarran is located in the revitalized area of downtown Fullerton at 310 N. Harbor Blvd. and is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week.

“We've received wonderful support from the community, allowing us to get off to a smooth start,” says California Master Franchisor, Mickey Arzaga. “We averaged better than expected_ sales the first month and expect at least $1.1 million in annual sales for the first California franchise.”

The restaurant seats 80 guests and features authentic traditional Spanish dishes including a wide range of pintxos, tapas, entrees and desserts. Lizarran Tapas Restaurant offers an innovative approach to restaurant dining, serving up the traditional Spanish tapas experience along with exciting décor and an atmosphere of Spanish-style cuisine.

The tapas experience consists of many hors d’oeuvres style plates, from which each person at the table is able to sample a great variety of foods and flavors. Such an approach to eating is traditionally European and provides a social and informal atmosphere in which one can enjoy a meal with friends, family or coworkers. The informality of the tapas experience is a large part of its charm. In Spain, tapas are traditionally eaten standing up, at a bar or tall table, giving people the chance to mingle with one another and move about the room. While Lizarran does offer chairs for its patrons, customers are also encouraged to dine in the more traditional way if they so desire, taking their food and drinks at the bar.

Perhaps the most unique part of Lizarran Tapas Restaurant is the pintxo. Customers are not charged per meal, per plate or per person instead the tab is calculated according to the number of toothpicks left at the table. For example, each pintxo is speared with a toothpick and as patrons sample the various dishes, the number of toothpicks each person accumulates is recorded. The prices of the pintxos are $1.75 per toothpick. Each Lizarran Tapas Restaurant customer typically leaves the restaurant with less than a $20 food tab.

California Master Franchisor Arzaga intends to open at least 20 branded Lizarran Tapas Restaurants in California within 5 years of which 100 percent would be operated by franchisees. The units are expected to cost between $300K to $500K to build with annual average-unit volumes for lunch and dinner service ranging from $1 million to $1.5 million in sales. Franchising opportunities are available by contacting Arzaga at 714.879.8775.

Madrid based Lizarran, whose parent company is Comess Group, currently operates nearly 200 franchises in eight countries including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Andorra, Portugal, Russia and Mexico.

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