New Style of Painting is Born in Los Angeles  Abstract Romanticism

By combining unique movements of color with a play of emotions, Mr. Khavarani creates a rare fusion of Romanticism with the abstraction.

A discovery of the century, this new style of painting brings passion, love, life, and energy back to the Art World.  Truly no new style of painting has been discovered for over 100 years and this groundbreaking event has occurred in none other than the City of Angels!

Mr. Khavarani's new style of Painting was discovered by professor Albert Boime of UCLA, whose latest book on the “Birth of Abstract Romanticism” will cover this amazing artist and his book on this topic set to release early 2007.   Over 18 articles by New York Times, LA Times, and other major international publication honor and praise the work and dedication of professor Albert Boime.  His pedagogical imperative is the training and stimulation of the mind to independent thought through exposure to the visual products of inventive human beings unafraid of unrestricted openness to experience. He believes that an understanding of imagery will show that we are not yet too fallen and depraved to be able to reform the world in the name of suffering humanity.

City Art will be honoring this world renowned Art professor and champion for social justice on December 3, 2006 in the City of Van Nuys at the Newest Culture/ Museum/Art Center (City Art). 

Albert Boime was born in St. Louis Missouri, on March 17, 1933. He graduated from UCLA, with a B.A. degree in 1961, and subsequently received an M.A. degree from Columbia University in 1963, and his Ph.D., also from Columbia, in 1968.
Professor Boime has been a UCLA faculty member since 1978, and currently teaches the Social History of Modern Art.

Romanticism - An art style which emphasizes the personal, emotional and dramatic through the use of exotic, literary or historical subject matter.

Abstract - In painting and sculpture, emphasizing a derived essential character having little visual reference to objects in nature.  In painting and sculpture, emphasizing a derived essential character having little visual reference to objects in nature.  A 20th century style of painting in which nonrepresentational lines, colors, shapes, and forms replace accurate visual depiction of objects, landscape, and figures. The subjects often stylized, blurred, repeated or broken down into basic forms so that it becomes unrecognizable. Intangible subjects such as thoughts, emotions, and time are often expressed in abstract art form.

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