The Society of Friends and Students of Albert Boime is honoring the life of one of the greatest art historians of our time on December 3, 2006 at City Art in Van Nuys, CA. 

At this event the City of Los Angeles, the City of Beverly Hills and the State of California will join us to honor this amazing individual by sending their proclamations.  

The event will be attended by Los Angeles and Beverly HIlls City Council Members and Mayor, Californa State Senators, and lots of forgeing dignatiaries.  Also in attendace will be curators and Board members of all the promonet Museums from around the globe (from The Metorpolitan Museum to the Louvre in Paris).  Barcelona will be managing this spectacular event as only Barcelona could! The event will take place at the magnificent City Art Gallery in Los Angeles.


Professor Boime who has been a UCLA faculty member since 1978 and currently teaches the Social History of Modern Art, was recently recognized and honored in a special symposium for his unparalleled lifetime academic achievements. He continuously strives to broaden people’s awareness of social justice issues in the context of visual culture. He also emphasizes the need for people to gain this understanding by studying artistic imagery operative in our visual environment.


We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to this most wonderful of occasions.  As it seems that the media, for the most part, is a source of celebrity info, and only once in a while celebrates a hero such as a firefighter/police officer rescuing someone in a dramatic scene, we believe that your coverage of this event, which will inevitably heighten the awareness of your audience about a very meaningful subject, will be invaluable to your organization.


Let’s celebrate the life this exceptional human being.


His pedagogical imperative is the training and stimulation of the mind to independent thought through exposure to the visual products of inventive human beings unafraid of unrestricted openness to experience. He believes that an understanding of imagery will show that we are not yet too fallen and depraved to be able to reform the world in the name of suffering humanity. In Albert Boime’s own words written for the preface of his latest book on the “Birth of Abstract Romanticism”:

“By examining the political forces that motivated the art makers and finders, and revealing the hidden mainsprings in visual production, I truly believed that I was contributing to the emancipation of thought, at least in one small corner of the minds of my students and readers. Thus art history became my raison d’être, a vehicle for enhancing the lives of my fellow citizens, while at the same time bringing about a nanno-change toward social justice in society.”


Fellowships and Awards

  Dean’s Fellow     Columbia, 1963-1964
  Columbia Traveling Fellowship, 1964-1965

  Kress Foundation Grant, 1965-1966

  SUNY Research Fellowship, 1967

  SUNY Research Fellowship, 1968

  ACLS Fellowship, 1970-1971

  Arthur Kingsley Porter Prize For best article in 1971 Art Bulletin, Jan. 1973

  Art Historian in Residence, College of Creative Studies, UCSB, June 1973

  National Endowment for Humanities Summer Grant, 1974

  Guggenheim Fellowship, 1974-1975

  SUNY Summer Fellowship, 1976

  Visiting Clark Professor, Clark Art Institute, fall 1978

  Rome Prize Fellowship, 1979-1980

  Who’s Who in America, 43rd and all subsequent Editions

  Guggenheim Fellowship, 1984-1985

  Regents Fellow, The Smithsonian Institution, 1988-1989, 1989-1990

  The Myers Center Award for The Study of Human Rights in North America 1999


Co-curator "The Macchiaioli:  Painters of Italian Life, 1850-1900"
The Frederick S. Wight Art Gallery, University of California, Los Angeles, 1986

Honorary Appointments

Panel chairperson for annual conference of College Art Association, 1974

National Endowment for Humanities Judge for summer grants, 1975

The UCLA Bicentennial Organizing Committee, 1988-1989

Mr. Khavarani  was born into an artistic family in Iran in 1941. He started painting at the age of three and when he was twelve years old he began to study classical painting with the well-known artist, Reza Samimi.

Mr. Khavarani completed his education in 1966 from Tehran University with a Master’s degree in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Urban Design. His graduate work was done under the guidance of his mentor Master Houshang Seyhoun, the internationally renowned Iranian authority in art and architecture.

Khavarani has won numerous architectural awards and recognitions such as: ‘California Building Official’s highest award of excellence’ for single family residence, the design award for ‘The White House’ in Savyon, Tel Aviv, and the design for the ‘City Theatre of Tehran’ which was an international competition. His paintings are housed in many private art collections.

His earlier paintings were influenced by his classical and formal training in arts and architecture. Since his recent encounters with the philosophy of Rumi and other great teachers, both the artist and his art have been transformed and his current paintings carry subtle mystical messages.

By combining unique movements of color with a play of emotions, Mr. Khavarani creates a rare fusion of Romanticism with the abstraction.

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