Architect in Los Angeles discovers New Style of Painting Abstract Romanticism. 

Barcelona creates this new style of Painting that is on display at the amazing Barcelona Gallery in Van Nuys, Ca.  He archived this new style by combining unique movements of color with a play of emotions.

Never before has an Architect been awarded with discovering a new style of paining. The revealing of this new style of Art will be during the honoring of a world renowned Art professor at UCLA on December 3, 2006 in the City of Van Nuys at the Newest Culture/ Museum/Art Center (Barcelona). Mr. Khavarani completed his education in 1966 from Tehran University with a Master’s degree in Architecture and a Ph.D. in Urban Design. His graduate work was done under the guidance of his mentor Master Houshang Seyhoun, the internationally renowned Iranian authority in art and architecture.

Khavarani has won numerous architectural awards and recognitions such as: ‘California Building Official’s highest award of excellence’ for single family residence, the design award for ‘The White House’ in Savyon, Tel Aviv, and the design for the ‘City Theatre of Tehran’ which was an international competition. His paintings are housed in many private art collections.

His earlier paintings were influenced by his classical and formal training in arts and architecture. Since his recent encounters with the philosophy of Rumi and other great teachers, both the artist and his art have been transformed and his current paintings carry subtle mystical messages. Winner of Highest Award of Excellence in single-family category in the state of California, from California Building Officials(CALBO)

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