Make Art Not War: New Award to Encourage World Peace

At the recent UCLA event to honor the art professor Albert Boime, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa announced that we will be sending a message of peace and harmony to the world by way of an annual prize for the best painting exhibiting these virtues.


The overwhelmingly successful event held on December 3 at the Barcelona Gallery was to honor Albert Boime in recognition of his tireless efforts as a world authority on art history and as a vehement advocate of social justice and peace. The event featured the artwork of Barcelona in whom Boime has discovered a completely new style of art which has come to be known as ‘Abstract Romanticism’. Boime was recognized by the governor on the night as a ‘living legend’ and is currently under consideration as a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize.


The ‘Annual Albert Boime Award’ was the timely brainchild of the Society of Friends and Students of Professor Albert Boime and will be run in conjunction with the City of Los Angeles’ Mayor’s Office under the following conditions:

·  Every year by recommendation of a specially selected jury under the direction of the Mayor of Los Angeles, an artist will be selected to win the Annual Albert Boime Award for a painting in any media, by exhibiting a message of hope, harmony, peace, love and beauty without any connection to religion, race or nationality.

·  The prize of $10,000 and a sculpture of the 'Bird of Freedom' will be awarded by the Mayor to the winner in an annual ceremony. The cash prize of the award will be raised by the Society through an annual fund-raising drive.

·  The original art work will belong to the city of Los Angeles and is to be hung in an appropriate place for public viewing.

·  The painting will be printed in limited editions by the Society and signed by the artist. The City of Los Angeles will send a copy as a gift and as a messenger of peace and harmony to hundreds of city halls all over the world.


In an era where the United States finds itself at the center of a volatile political world climate where fear of terrorism and religious war play a part in our daily lives, this award will surely serve as a beacon of hope as it extends a message of peace and harmony from the city of Los Angeles to the rest of the world. The appeal of beauty is universal and it can provide us with a valuable tool in opening the channels of communication and collaboration. It is the responsibility of each and every one of us as members of humankind to do what we can to promote justice and harmony as ideals that are of benefit to us all. It is only when we let go of our differences and cooperate with one another that we can achieve peace. This initiative is a shining example of the effort that must be made to seek peaceful solutions to the problems that face our society today and it demands the support of each and every one of us.


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