Downtown Los Angeles the Hottest Topic on the Lips of all Southern California Residents

The renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles is bringing business and life back to the once desolate downtown LA. With the coming of all these changes and improvement Barcelona has taken upon it’s self to bring the spot light on the Children of Downtown LA.

Barcelona has converted its annual Client Appreciation party to a Charity fundraiser for the Blazers Youth Organization. “The Children are the future of Los Angeles and we need to nurture them to the best of our abilities,” said CEO of Barcelona Alan S., “That is why I invented Generosity within my company and my life to deliver a successful charity event for this great cause; Generosity will enliven the Success. Hola Barcelona will bring my possibility of Generosity to life all due to my SELP project for Landmark education; I planned a Charity Event that will be an annual client appreciation party for the clients’ of Barcelona. This event is focused around delivering Generosity to Children’s group on the pillars of success.”

All the proceeds from Hola Barcelona will go directly to the Blazer Youth Center; safe houses for disadvantage kids, where they can learn, play sports, and have fun in a safe environment away from the inner city violence. The Blazers provide mentoring programs and even provide/locate scholarships to get socio-economically disadvantaged kids of Los Angeles to major Universities. Now that is an organization worth developing and supporting.

The Blazers House is an inner city multimedia model community resource center providing public access to the community. The Blazers teach TSL, (Technology as a Second Language). The Blazers are modeling new behaviors while teaching skills to confront life changes. This encourages people to break generational habits patterns.
We provide socio-economically disadvantaged Los Angeles area youth ages 6 to 24, particularly in the South Central and Westside districts of the city, with multidimensional, multicultural leadership and academic skills building opportunities. To achieve these objectives, the Blazer Organization developed a fully volunteer program combining competitive basketball activities, group and individualized tutorial services which complement school based learning, periodical forums that expose participants to adult role models in various professional fields, and cultural and civic educational activities in the broader community

Please join us on June 3rd, 2006 in honoring Mayor Villaraigosa for his support in this ongoing cause as we host the Inauguration opening of a Great Art Gallery in our magnificent city of Los Angeles.

Hola Barcelona has a secondary goal in its planning and that is to gather on June 3rd in the hope of bringing into the spotlight the enriching & inspiring influence Art & Culture has had on all of us for so many generations.

“We find as the world becomes more advanced in so many sectors, especially technology driven ways, that the beauty, innocence and talent that has driven the Art & Culture in this world to get less and less attention from all of us but, more importantly our youth of today, lose sight of an incredibly large and important part of our history.”

Along with our new Mayor; Antonio Villaraigosa whom has shown a great interest in helping unite with us in this pioneering cause of bringing LA back to the beautiful city we knew and still love.

We hope to have all of you come out and join for this event to show and give your support for this effort, essential to our city. Help us in giving back to this community what has fallen off the radar for far too long. Together we will succeed in OUR GOAL of returning and adding to the deprived Art & Culture influence we need and deserve while raising funds for the Children of Los Angeles.

No Goal is too big!

We hope to have all of you come out and join for this event to show and give your support for this effort, essential to our city. Help us in giving back to this community what has fallen off the radar for far too long. Together we will succeed in OUR GOAL of returning and adding to the deprived Art & Culture influence we need and deserve.

Barcelona’s Team of planners lead by Alan Semsar has brought together Art Piece and Jewel encrusted painting for this great charity event Hola Barcelona. These wonderful donations will be in display at the all new Barcelona Gallery in Van Nuys, California. Hola Barcelona will feature amazing performances and the best music from Celloist to the hottest Latin Band in Los Angeles. The Plan is to have a great time, enjoy the wonderful Aerial Show Girls and feast on sumptuous food and beverages. Barcelona will wine and dine you on June 3rd to make sure you feel the generosity we have come to be known for.

The Aerial Show Girls will lead the Food, Fun, and Festivities promptly at 7:00pm and the silent auction will commence at 8:30pm. Barcelona’s clients are sure to have great time and will feel the hospitality Barcelona is come to be known for.

About Aerial Show Girls
The Aerial Showgirls bring new meaning to the world of entertainment. Their avant-garde performance style has been gracing numerous clubs, private parties, and corporate events throughout Los Angeles and Orange County. The Showgirls are made up of six talented and professionally trained aerialists with diverse backgrounds, ranging from classical ballet to erotic dance training. They present an enticing show full of amazing aerial stunts performed on circus apparatus. The twirling, dancing, and flirting on aerial silk, hammock, hoop, static trapeze, Spanish web, and swing makes any event a memorable one.

About SELP & Landmark Education
The Self-Expression and Leadership Program
Express yourself fully, make a difference, be a leader.
Each of us has experienced a sense of possibility - moments where we imagine things as they could be, and yet we hold back. Concerned with circumstance, what others might think, or lack of interest; we don't act on our vision. The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program provide the know-how to establish an environment that invites and allows for your self-expression.

Each participant in this program designs a project that takes him or her into a community of people. There, they discover firsthand what it means to be fully self expressed and provide leadership. Through this course, you will express your thinking and ideas effectively in a way that calls forth the alignment, cooperation, and partnership of others. Visit our Graduates LIVE! and Grads Making a Difference sections to see what graduates of this course have accomplished.

Program Logistics
Come to know self-expression and leadership as an occasion of creativity and vitality that enriches every aspect of your day-to-day life. Your classroom work will come alive when you take on a project of your choosing in your community and apply the abstractions.
The Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership Program takes place through dialogue and exercises during a three-month period. Participants meet monthly on a Saturday or Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m.; in addition, during weeks when no Saturday or Sunday meeting occurs, a three-hour evening session is scheduled. (There are a total of 12 evening sessions.) Prerequisite: Completion of The Landmark Forum and the Advanced Course.

About Blazers Youth Center:
Blazers House is a place where we come to play and learn. We get help to read and write, use computers and surf the internet, play games and handle animals. It's really fun. The Blazers House is a safe place with structured activities during non-school hours for learning and growing. We have the opportunity to share what we have learned with others and to give back through community service. As you visit our site, we hope you'll be inspired to join us, just email us. We were founded in 1969 to provide youth in South Central and West Los Angeles with healthy choices and mentors. We range in ages from 6 to 24, and we collaborate on lots of team projects that teach us commitment, leadership and academic skills.

About Barcelona:
Barcelona is a Marketing and Design company dedicated to delivering only the finest quality digital arts and Marketing to its International list of clients. Our marketing tactics and ad designs make your business stand out amongst the crowd of your competitors.