Lizarran has the Ingredients to be L.A.’s Next Big Thing

A Five-Star Experience Without the Five-Star Price Tag

In a city full of diverse culinary experiences, a new restaurant must bring something new to attract a population that has tasted it all.  With fabulous fare and an intoxicating atmosphere, Lizarran will definitely bring something new to L.A.’s gastronomically overstuffed table when it opens this Spring.

While the new restaurant, set to open in April, will be the first of its kind in the United States, it brings with it “pinchos,” a style of dining made popular in Spanish cultures.  Pinchos is very similar to tapas dining, just on a smaller scale.  With the freshest ingredients and flavors that will tempt your taste buds, pinchos is bound to be the hottest Spanish import since Penelope Cruz.

Pinchos and tapas-style dining has gained popularity in recent years around the world, thanks in part to its focus on quality rather than quantity.  Designed to be shared among friends and family, these Spanish traditions are designed to maximize interaction and encourage conversation among diners.

While the superb cuisine is reason enough to visit Lizarran, the stylish yet simple accommodations enhance the dining experience like a fabulous glass of wine compliments a meal.  Customers who visit the restaurant in the morning for a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee are sure to find their surroundings fresh and inspiring, while in the evening, patrons will enter to find a stylish scene filled with festive music and intoxicating scents.  This chameleon-like ability to offer both exceptional cuisine and an inviting atmosphere is sure to set Lizarran apart from the competition.

Being open for breakfast, lunch and dinner makes the restaurant accessible to more people.  From coffee meetings and power lunches to celebratory dinners and family gatherings, there is an occasion for everyone to experience this upscale dining destination without breaking the bank.

With the dynamic combination of authentic Spanish cuisine and ambience, Los Angeles and Barcelona have never been closer.

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