Come Experience a Taste of Spain at Lizarran Tapas Restaurant
Grand Opening Party Wednesday, August 27


Successful European restaurant chain Lizarran, has brought the taste of Barcelona to southern California with Lizarran Tapas Restaurant, their first United States location at 310 N. Harbor Blvd., in Fullerton.  A special grand opening celebration is set for Wednesday, August 27 from 2:00 -10:00 PM.  The festivities will feature live Flamingo music and dancers, assortment of food and goodie bags filled with fun. 

Lizarran Tapas Restaurant offers an innovative approach to the restaurant dining – serving up the traditional Barcelonan tapas experience along with the exciting décor and atmosphere of Spanish-style cuisine. Tapas is a savory meal made up of many hors d’oeuvres style plates, from which each person at the table is able to sample a great variety of foods and flavors. Such an approach to eating is traditionally European and provides a social and informal atmosphere in which one can enjoy a meal with friends, family or coworkers. The informality of the tapas experience is a large part of its charm.   In Spain, tapas are traditionally eaten standing up, at a bar or tall table, giving people the chance to mingle with one another and move about the room. While Lizarran does offer chairs for its patrons, customers are also encouraged to dine in the more traditional way if they so desire, taking their food and drinks at the bar.


The menu offers authentic traditional Spanish dishes including a wide range of pintxos, tapas, entrees and desserts.  Freshly baked bread right out of the oven will accompany many of the tapas dishes.  Tapas dishes can range from eggs, cheeses and potatoes to seafood, Spanish cured meats and vegetables.  Ripe olives and fresh tomatoes also top many of the dishes adding flavor and a taste for the authentic. “Our goal is to serve meals that are appetizing and affordable in a fun environment,” says owner Mickey Arzaga.


Perhaps the most unique part of Lizarran Tapas Restaurant is the pintxos, that the customers will not be charged per meal, per plate or per person – the tab will be added according to the number of toothpicks used. Each portion of the pintxos meal arrives with toothpicks, and as patrons sample the various dishes, the number of toothpicks each person uses is recorded. The price of the pintxos is $1.75 for each toothpick, Lizarran Tapas Restaurant envisions most customers leaving the restaurant with less than a $15 food tab.


Barcelona-based Grupo Lizarran currently operates and franchises 250 locations in six countries including Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Canada and Mexico.      

 Lizarran Tapas Restaurant serves lunch and dinner.  The drink menu will offer a variety of wine, beer, hard cider and soft drinks.  No reservations required.  Hours of operation are Sunday thru Wednesday, 11:30 AM - 10 PM and Thursday thru Sunday 11AM – 12 MID. For more information visit the website, or call 714/ 879-9009.

 RSVP Monday, August 25 to:     Monica Gillen, 714 271-4081

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