Spanish Tapas Chain to be Represented by Barcelona

It is a marriage made in heaven. Barcelona Enterprises will be handling PR for Lizarran, the world’s most successful string of tapas restaurants as they prepare to open their first U.S. location.

Lizarran was a restaurant borne out of one man’s desire to bring the flavor of the Basque country of northern Spain to the people of the south. Fast forward to today and the Lizarran chain has spread all over the world with 350 franchises in seven countries. Both Mexico and Canada have outlets and the American market is next on the list. So where better to start than Southern California, where there is a high demand for healthy, quality cuisine with all the convenience of fast food?

Barcelona Enterprises will be engaging in a full breadth advertising campaign to promote this exciting new brand and the potential for growth is huge. Barcelona CEO, Alan Semsar commented, “This client has all the hallmarks of a mainstay global franchise and if its performance in Europe is any indication, it’s going to spread like wildfire”.

Set to commence operations in the spring, the Fullerton, CA location will set the scene for what looks to become a household name here in the U.S. much as it is in France, Germany and of course Spain. Franchises are currently available and information cane be obtained from the Investors’ Guide at

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