Viva Espana is all I can say after tasting some of the best Tapas and Authentic Spanish food in all of California.

The new Los Angeles Pintxo & Tapas Bar Pinxtos are snack sized version of our beloved Tapas ready in a few moments and presented in beautiful displays, think of them as Hors d'oeuvres.

Nowhere in California does any Tapas bar offer sophisticated Catalan food. The never ending menu of Spanish Tapas and Pintxos (snack sized version of the Tapas). The long bar is filled with some of the most delicious Pintxos made of authentic Spanish ingredients all served up beautifully plates, almost too pretty to eat.
The drinks list is excellent; it includes a large selection of Spanish wines and bubblies.

This is Spanish food cooked to perfection, It's a real gem of a place, the variety on the menu is enormous and the food is ready at a moments notice!  Lizarran is a place where once you've been your addicted to and all other restaurants seem inferior. This is proper Spanish Tapas cooked and served by native Spaniards full marks!!

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