Some People Grin and Bear It; Others Smile and Do It

There is no overstating the power of a smile. It is often the all-important first and undoubtedly the most effective tool we possess in regards to impression formation. We subconsciously place so much significance on the presence of a smile, yet many of us neglect the appearance of our own.


There are many genetic and environmental causes that bring about unsightly dental manifestations. Certain individuals may have a predisposition towards misalignment, uneven distribution, or fragility of teeth. Staining can result from smoking, coffee, tea, red wine and certain foods with strong pigmentation, and the aging process itself also tends to cause discoloration and erosion, as well as increased susceptibility to chipping and cracking.


There are a number of orthodontic and cosmetic procedures that can be implemented to improve the appearance of our teeth and subsequently our smile. Discoloration can easily be corrected by the process of whitening, which chemically restores the natural purity of the enamel – the outer coating of the tooth – freeing it of any foreign pigmentation. Veneers and bonding are used to fill chips, cracks and small gaps and in more extreme cases a bridge can be created. These and many other techniques can be performed to restore the perfect smile or even create it if you never had one to start with.


West Park Plaza Dental in West Hills, Ca offers the entire gamut of professional treatments required to give you a breath-taking smile, so that the next time you express pleasure, your smile can be a pleasure to see.


Let us show you how we can transform your smile into the “smile of your dreams”.


Basic Dental Services:


    ●   Fillings:

          - Composite Resins (tooth colored)

          - Silver Amalgams (for molar/premolar teeth)

    ●   Sealants &Small Composite Resin Restorations

    ●   Simple Extractions (due to decay, injury or fracture)

    ●   Initiate root canal treatment to relieve pain/swelling

    ●   Recementing of Crowns (caps), inlays or bridge


Other Services:


    ●   Splints ("night guards")

    ●   Bleaching (in office and take home))

    ●   Panoramic X-rays (to aid in TMJ & wisdom teeth evaluation)

    ●   Single Crowns: Limited Fixed Bridges

    ●   Assist students in cessation of tobacco use (chew, smoke)

    ●   Composite Resin veneers


 Preventive Dentistry:


    ●   Oral Hygiene Instructions

    ●   Cleaning by one of our hygienists will improve the health of your teeth, gums and breath

    ●   Sealants to prevent decay

    ●   Fluoride Treatments to prevent decay and reduce sensitivity

    ●   Limited Treatment of Early (to Moderate) Periodontal Disease (referral for more advanced needs)

    ●   Power Toothbrushes (Oral B, Sonicare) at discounted prices for students

    ●   Bleaching Gel, Topical Fluoride Gel & other preventative aids discounted for students


Simple Wisdom Tooth Extractions


Only less complex extractions are performed here at West Hills Dental. Referral of difficult extractions or if IV sedation or general anesthesia is required.



Tooth Whitening


Where success appears probable, bleaching may be recommended. West Hills Dental Clinic can create bleach trays and prescribe bleaching solution, monitor progress and assist with simple adjustments of trays as needed.


Diagnostic Services:


    ●   Examinations - Routine and Urgent; with temporary pain relief or palliative treatment

    ●   Dental X-rays, routine and as needed for specific diagnosis

    ●   Full mouth surveys (x-rays)

    ●   Periodontal Examinations/Evaluations

West Park Plaza Dental

Golsham Mortezaiefard, DMD

Cosmetic ● Implant ● General Dental

22110 Roscoe Blvd Suite 101

West Hills, CA 91304


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