Wine Festival in Los Angeles

Over 1000 people attended the Valley Wine Festival in Van Nuys of Los Angeles, California. 

A low profile event put on Barcelona was a huge success as the event drew over 20 movie, TV, and radio personalities in Los Angeles On November 11, 2006.  The Proceeds from this amazing event benefit the Make A Wish foundation and the Blazers Youth Organization of Los Angeles. "This event was no easy task" said Alan CEO of Barcelona, "The venue was mostly unknown to people and we really had to prove that we know how to draw a crowd, and a star studded one at that."  Our next undertaking will be to host the Emmys at this wonderful venue, since we already have hundreds of requests from LA Based entertainment companies to host their event at this world class venue."

Such a Successful Event was possible due to Barcelona's full compliment of special event planning services. From concept to the specifics of execution, Barcelona and it's creative management team knows how to make a theme come to life.  Barcelona is clearly a threat to the large event planners of Los Angeles. 

The creative team at Barcelona offers up unique event ideas, skilled management, a personalized approach, flexibility and attention to detail with a trend-setting twist that will dazzle you.

The Wine World's Most Successful Charity Event in Los Angeles was all due to the amazing Barcelona, a company providing Mix Media Advertising and Marketing service for 5 years and inanely now offers Event Marketing and Management service.

The Next Valley Wine Festival is Scheduled for June 2, 2007 at the soon to be world famous Barcelona in the wonderful city of Van Nuys.
Barcelona has big plans for this upcoming social event and fundraiser.  The Second Valley Wine Festival will be an event to remember just like it's predecessor that we just attended that achieved flawless execution of even such an elaborate event.

Centerpiece for the festival is the tasting, of course while your are wowed by the amazing Barcelona setting and the magnificent pieces this wonderful spaces house.

Leave such an occasion without trying Canada’s signature ice wine? Not likely. Departing guests had opportunity to sample an entire bar full of them as well as wonderful individual desserts.

Vegas In The Valley!


Valley Beverage Company is helping to sponsor an amazing event that we couldn’t wait to tell you about.  But first, a small quiz.


Do you like good food?                                           Yes / No


Do you like good wine?                                           Yes / No


Do you like wining prizes?                                       Yes / No


Do you like helping a wonderful charity?                        Yes / No


If you answered “yes” to all four questions, then you are an upstanding citizen, and you should stand proud!


If you answered “yes” to at least three of the above four questions, then you might be a sober lover of food, prizes, and philanthropy.  Or you might be on a diet but still into wine, prizes, and aid organizations.  Or you’re just a cold-hearted slouch who is really keen on vino, cuisine, and winning things.  Regardless, you should keep reading.


If you answered “yes” to only one or two of the above, then you should take a good long look in the mirror.  Maybe you should spend less time working or going to school, and more time eating, drinking, winning cool stuff, and of course, giving to charity.


If you answered “yes” to none of the above questions, then you are just plain dead inside.  Dead, I say.


Now for those of us who are in the first two groups, we are very pleased to announce the First Annual Valley Wine Festival.


Saturday, June 2th is going to be an evening filled with great food, amazing wine, and a Vegas-style casino in the beautiful Barcelonas Building in Van Nuys.  Your ticket includes a special tasting of over 50 wines, never ending tasty dishes, and $20 in play money for the tables!  Then, at the end of the night, you can buy all kinds of fabulous prizes with your play money winnings.


Oh, did we mention that all of the proceeds benefit the Make A Wish Foundation?  That’s right…  We’re inviting you to drink to much, eat to much, and gamble to much…  All for a good cause.


Tickets are only $25 pre-sale or $30 at the door, (real money) and are available here at Valley Beverage Company.


We look forward to seeing you there!


For more information head on over to 


First Annual Valley Wine Festival

Saturday, November 11th

2pm – 7pm

Barcelona Building

7733 Havenhurst Ave.

Van Nuys, CA 91406

About Barcelona:
Barcelona is a Marketing and Design company dedicated to delivering only the finest quality digital arts and Marketing to its International list of clients. Our marketing tactics and ad designs make your business stand out amongst the crowd of your competitors. Barcelona has a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back! How many design companies do that?